FeedAbo is a channel development acceleration specialist focused on growing revenues of global technology companies in Russia and Eastern Europe.


TeamExpand achieved $2M of revenue in Eastern Europe with
a $150k investment in partner recruitment and management.

That's 3x the national avarage, my friend.

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Channel Development in Russia and Eastern Europe

Grow revenue and market share in emerging markets by recruiting the right partners.

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B2B Lead Generation & Nurturing

Communicate with IT buyers the way they understand.

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Need to resell your solutions in Russia?

Get a foot-in-the-door for your solutions in Russian and Eastern European markets. Expand your disribution channels with partners that know the local market.

Customers speak

"My in-house sales team began receiving high-scored leads just five days after we began working with FeedAbo.
I'm satisfied with the results, especially the response/scoring mechanism and quality of nurturing."

Julia Guzman, VP of ISV Marketing,
Altoros Systems, Inc.
Altoros Development